T-Zone Trainer Stage 3


The T-Zone Trainer Stage 3 is an ideal solution for year long strength and power training for many sports, including hockey, skiing, and dancing.  The T-Zone trainer makes your training fun while being INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE!



This is a premium alternate vehicle and training tool, with a unique look, made out of high quality materials. The T-Zone Trainer Stage3, is ideal for city cruising, heavy abuse and targetting training activities. Stage 3 can be used in multiple environments such as skate parks, city bike trails, roads and fitness complexes, owing to its high-strength composite frame, fat tire and double walled BMX rim.

Note that it is recommended for users with a minimum height of 140cm and a maximum weight of 120kg.

The body of Stage3 is made out of a remarkably strong composite. We use premium grade nylon with a 15% glass fibre reinforcement. The mixture matches the tensile strength of basic aluminium but is lighter, tougher and has much higher impact resistance. All Spirit models are fitted with high strength 45C steel spokes, but Stage 3 features a double walled BMX wheel rim and an extra chunky 20”x2.125 ORNATE BMX tire.


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