Introducing the T-Zone Trainer

This is a vehicle that could be described as a monowheel, solowheel, scooter. It was developed by a company in Hungary called Gauswheel ( and is made of high quality composite materials like carbon fiber and aluminium alloy. IT is extremely durable and high quality and and equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brake system and a BMX bike tire for extreme maneuverability. They come with an optional brake system that you control with the brake handle which you can easily remove from the body of the vehicle using the quick release bolt fastener on the side.  
The experience of using a T-Zone Trainer is similar to skiing or skating and is incredibly effective in developing leg muscles and core strength. The motion you use to propel the Trainer mimics the leg motion used in skating or cross country skiing an so those muscles can be targetted by using the trainer on varying terrains and inclines to greate effect.  Since the Trainer is essentially a monowheel in design, the entire experience increases balance and core strength.  Moreover, you can build leg and core strength while having fun.  The ability to go over different terrains and inclines in urban environments or bike trails make this an enjoyable way to develop those muscles you need for strength and speed on the ice or court.  We have seen marked improvement in speed of athletes after using the T-Zone trainer for only a short period of time.